When shopping at vicofood.com, you can be completely assured of the quality of the products you receive. Vicofood commits that all products sent to customers are new and original quality products, consistent with the information described on the website.

In case you receive a product that does not match the description on the website, has a technical error, has expired, is damp, musty or no longer satisfied with the ordered product, you can completely bring the product. Visit Vicofood’s internal stores or return the product to Vicofood to change to another product within 7 days from the time of receipt.

Vicofood.com commits to sell new products and ensure the right quality, products received by customers must be intact and correct with the information described on Vicofood.com website.

If you receive products that are not in accordance with the above commitments, have technical defects, mold, expired, do not agree, please bring the product to Vicofood’s internal store or send the product to Vicofood within 07 days from the time of receiving goods. Vicofood.com would like to refuse to support all complaints about the bonded status of the product in case you notify Vicofood.com after this time.

Barter policy

– Products can be exchanged only 1 time within 7 days from the date of receipt.

– The exchanged product must have a price equal to or higher than the price of the purchased product. Customers will not be refunded if the exchanged item is priced lower than the purchased product.

– With promotional products, liquidated products … Vicofood does not apply the policy of changing goods according to the needs of customers if the product is not defective by the manufacturer.

– In case the product is ordered during the promotion period, please change the product during the promotion period to enjoy the preferential price.

Note: Products with a discount of 20% or more cannot be exchanged after payment. Therefore, when receiving customers, please check the product carefully before making payment.

Instructions to change products

Option 1: Change products directly at the store

Customers wishing to return the purchased product at Vicofood.com website can bring the product with the bill of lading to one of Vicofood’s stores to perform the return.

All stores under the Vicofood network.

** Note: In case you want to change a product of the same type, you should contact Vicofood in advance on Hotline 0973.171.789 for advice on the store in stock.

Option 2: Send product exchange by mail

Customers in areas where there are no Vicofood internal stores or the product you want to exchange is not available at the store, when you need to change the purchased product at the website vicofood.com, please send the product, transport attached application, value-added invoice (if any), accessories accompanying the product and accompanying promotional gifts (if any) to the address: Group 3, Hamlet Xuan Bach, Quang Tien Commune, Soc Son District , Hanoi City.

On the parcel it is written “E-commerce exchange”. Customers are responsible for the integrity of the product when sending it to Vicofood. After receiving the product we will proceed to check the quality (this process takes about 2-3 days). Vicofood will notify the customer by phone and SMS after the check is completed.

Terms and conditions for exchange

Please read carefully Terms and Conditions. The request for barter is considered valid if it fully satisfies the following conditions:

The product has not been used, not dirty. (When trying on footwear products, you should wear socks and try shoes on a clean surface)

– The exchanged product must be accompanied by the bill of lading enclosed in the (intact) package of vicofood.com.

– The product comes with a full range of accessories (including warranty card, product box …) and gifts (if any).

– The product is still valid for exchange (07 days from the time of receipt).

Exchange fee

– Vicofood free to exchange goods for customers when shopping at Vicofood in case the product is defective in production, scratched when shipped or delivered by mistake.

– However, in case customers want to change products for subjective reasons such as dissatisfaction, not like color …, customers should bear the shipping fee in case the product needs to be converted at Vicofood’s warehouse.

Return & Refund

In the case that customers do not want to exchange goods. You can return the goods to Vicofood if you do not want to receive new goods. Within a period of 3-5 days, Vicofood will review the product and refund the money to the designated bank account.

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